Monday, 30 December 2013


On this wonderful summer evening, we wined and dined at a picturesque little French restaurant, by the name of Mrs Top, tucked away in a terraced abode. I had des escargots for the first time, and was surprised at what a tasty, juicy punch they packed. Then, there was some rich coq au vin followed by a delectable tarte aux tartin

It was also here, in King's Cross, that I debuted my new neckpiece from boxing day sales, pared back with some easy and ever reliable wardrope staples of mine. And yes, I do have this weird thing about untucking my shirts in a seemingly random fashion sometimes... 

an instagram moment with my tarte aux tartin


  1. Gorgeous photos! I untuck my shirts in exactly the same way, so I don't think it's weird at all!

    x greta

  2. love your trousers!!

    happy new year dear!

  3. Lovely look!