Saturday, 4 January 2014

It's a Material World

And wiser words were never spoken. 

So, in the spirit of such wisdom, I have indulged by creating some summer-y collages. 

Documenting my summer on film has become a thoroughly satisfying endeavour. From squinting through the viewfinder to the click of the camera to waiting for the film to develop- time seems to lengthen and moments last longer as you go through the entire process. Aside from that, coconut oil has become an obligatory daily slather and a form of escapism back to days lounging in Thailand, poolside, slurping up juice from fresh coconuts. 

A silvery slither of a necklace, and a delicious hot pink slip of a singlet, and a surprisingly alluring shade of taupe grey, in the form of Chanel #559 Frenzy and a necessary piece of rich, creamy writing to accompany these bareboned pleasures. 

This satchel is now constantly slung off my shoulders, courtesy of my mum's magnificent eye, and these Ralph Lauren perfumes I was gifted at Christmas are perfect for someone as fickle as I am with their cutesy compactness. Currently attached to perfume #3.

A summer picnic of crisp, crafted whites backlit by vibrant colours. The Tigerlily peasant blouse is a breeze; and another Christmas present, my Loreal BB cream of 'luminiscent pearls' (I swear that description is the only reason I asked for it). And indeed, where would bliss be without a candle,  which my little Ecoya satisfies. A close up of the beautiful embroidery on my scarf is below. 

And to sum up this rather long post, let us hear from the gospel speaker herself.